Areas of Expertise

Talent Management & Employer Brand

I help you analyse your hiring needs to make your business goals come true. I will create a proactive recruitment strategy and implement the appropriate tools and design processes to achieve this. I advise you on building teams that create synergy and how to make teamwork even more effective.

What is our company's value proposition? How to attract talented people in the job market to join our team? Why should people stay and contribute to our business?  What makes our company stand out from the crowd and gives us a market edge?
I help to shape your company culture. 

Together, we will find answers to these questions.

HR Processes, Tools & Technology

I will help you navigate the world of people management processes and guidelines, advise you on appropriate people technology and tools and find answers to these (and many other) questions:

How to ditch reactive recruitment and build a proactive recruitment strategy? What are the steps in creating a well-thought-out and systematic new employee onboarding process? Perhaps we need a new employee handbook or manual? Have we implemented an effective feedback system? Is there a transparent package of benefits and perks written down? What are the principles of remote work in our company?

Mentoring & Management Consulting

I will be a partner and mentor for both experienced managers of your company and young managers who have just taken the lead. I will work with your leaders to find solutions to the challenges they may face.

What is my role as a leader in achieving the company's goals? What are my strengths and development needs as a leader? Do my people`s practises actually work? What kind of support do I need to lead people? Mentoring & Advisement may include helping in resolving complex intra-team issues, planning performance reviews, selecting effective appraisal methods, providing feedback, motivating the team, managing change, and shaping the organisational culture.

HR Audit & Evaluation

I analyse your company's existing people management practices to ensure they help you achieve your company's business goals. With your company's short- and long-term goals in mind, I'll help you answer these questions:

How do we set clear priorities in people management? Are our current people practices and processes sufficient to meet the company's goals? Have we invested enough in learning & development, diversity, equality & inclusion, communication & collaboration norms? Perhaps we need guidance in managing change? 

What are our main obstacles and bottlenecks today?