About Me

Hi, nice to meet you! My name is Kadri Mäe. I am the founder of People Practices Consulting.

A psychologist by profession specializing in organizational psychology, I have always been fascinated by people and their organizational behavior. During more than 15 years of practical people management experience, my interest has always focused on the employee's full life cycle- from attracting the best talents and onboarding to feedback and performance reviews to coaching, motivating, mentoring, and career planning.

I have witnessed the rapid growth of several successful international technology companies. I have created the foundations of the people management function and led extensive global hiring in Adcash. I have co-created the unique company culture and employer brand in Scoro. I have built people management functions, processes, and practices from scratch in Bob W. I have managed the entire people management area and partnered with company founders and management teams in all of these companies and others.

My work experience also includes working in a media group and recruitment agency. I am also proud of my versatile experience in creative entrepreneurship.

People Practices Consultation`s mission is to help companies upgrade their people practices and create unique company cultures.

How to attract talented people in the job market to join your team?

Why should people stay and contribute to your business?

What makes your business stand out from the crowd and gives you a market edge?

How to ditch reactive recruitment and create a proactive recruitment strategy?

Have we created a well-thought-out and structured new employee onboarding process?

Perhaps we need to create a new employee handbook or manual?

Are our current practices and processes sufficient to meet the company's goals?

What are our main obstacles and bottlenecks today?

Every person is unique, and every leader and company has individual needs and challenges related to managing people.
I help you identify your people management needs, create solutions to your challenges and answer your questions.

So you can put your people first.